Meet the Clark Family....
Dear All,
We were blessed with a son named Thomas. He was born full term after I had a great pregnancy. In the operating room, when he was born it was discovered he had spina bifida. What started out as shock and heart break, has blossomed into an incredible experience. We have met some true heroes and believe we have a little hero living with us. Thomas stayed in the NICU after birth for only seven days. We returned when he was three weeks old to have a shunt placed.

Thomas now is mobile in a manual wheelchair. Walks with AFO's about six feet in a set of parallel bars. He has traditional physical therapy, early intervention, equestrian therapy, and is "active" in wheelchair basketball.

I would encourage anyone who is new to this world of disability to never focus on the "dis" part of the word but to find what their child's abilities are and focus on these. We are very blessed to currently have no cognitive delays and actually have
an accelerated vocabulary. We are just beginning our journey through this new experience as Thomas is 2 1/2 years old but we are so excited for the possibilities our special son represents.

Tom & Sarah Clark --son Thomas 2 1/2 yo w/ SB, VPshunt, wc, AFO's
Greenville, South Carolina

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