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Nick with his deer!My name is Nick Kersh, and I am 11 years old. I was also born with Spina Bifida. A year ago my mom found out that Buckmasters had a disabled hunting program and sent in an application for me. However, she never thought that I would be able participate in such a great hunting experience. In November of 2003, Cameron Tribolet called and asked if I would be able to go on a hunt in January of 2004 in Wisconsin. I was so excited when I found out that Buckmasters was going to sponsor me for a hunt in Three Lakes, Wisconsin, at Three Lakes Preserve. I had never hunted before and I was really looking forward to maybe killing a deer bigger than my dad's. I kept telling him that he was going to have to take his down, because mine would be so big!

We arrived in Three Lakes, Wisconsin early Friday morning and met with Roger Devenport, the owner, at 10 that morning. Our guide, Warren Schoenborn, took us back to the hunting lodge and shortly after I was taken out for my first hunt. We saw some deer, but never saw the 6-pointer that they had been seeing and hoped for me to take. It was very cold and the deer weren't moving very much.

On Friday evening, I was taken out again for more hunting. Me, my dad and our guide were situated in a box stand. There were about five deer about 100 yards away, but they knew we were out there and they ran off. About 20 minutes later, several more deer came out behind us in the field. It was exciting to be in the woods with all of these deer. The six pointer never showed up. It was getting dark by then, so we quit for the day.

Saturday morning, the three of us went out again. This time we did a drive, but no deer came out again. We heard deer running, but that was it. We didn't stay out long. It was very, very cold. Saturday afternoon before hunting again, Mr. Roger said that I would kill a deer today.

That evening, me, my dad and Mr. Roger went out hunting. We drove to a box stand and after a while deer started coming out to feed. Then a doe walked up right next to the box stand to feed. Twenty minutes later, a 9-pointer walked out and Mr. Roger told me to shoot. I was nervous because I had never shot a deer before. I aimed at his heart and pulled the trigger. The buck ran about 20 yards before collapsing. I didn't think I had really shot him, maybe just scared him. We all jumped out of the box stand and walked over to where the deer collapsed. My dad looked over the deer and told me that I had shot the deer in the heart. I was shocked that I had actually just done this myself! We loaded the deer in the back of the truck and went back to camp to have it field-dressed.

The hunt was great and it was very cold. I froze all weekend, but I really had a great time! My guide, Mr. Warren was very funny. Mr. Roger gave me a pair of deer sheds before I left for home. He was very nice and I really liked his lodge and his preserve.

I want to thank Cameron Tribolet and Buckmasters for this awesome experience. If it was not for Buckmasters, I wouldn't have been able to do this. Cameron Tribolet is great and I hope to meet him personally some day. For the first time in my life I was kind of glad that I had Spina Bifida because I got to do this great thing.

Nick Kersh, Indiana

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