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Developed by the International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (www.ifglobal.org)


Guidelines for the Management of Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida in District Hospitals
Spina Bifida Workgroups


1.   Follow up of Spina Bifida patients at District Level


   ? Development of Hydrocephalus


          ? Urological problems


           ?  Pressure Sores


            ?  Constipation

Teach mothers how to empty bowel every day at the same time eg. 30 mins after a meal.

Encourage teaching on good eating eg fruit, drinking plenty and activity to decrease constipation.

Enemas if necessary.



2.   When to refer patients with Spina Bifida


All children with spina bifida should be referred early ( after the first visit ) for the treatment of club feet if present, urological assessment ( including renal ultrasound) and assessment of the skin covering the back. Refer to the nearest centre able to manage these things.


Other reasons for referral:



3.   Who gets Folic Acid Prophylaxis



When to give








But it does no harm to continue until the end of pregnancy


These Guidelines were prepared by the participants of the 12th CPEP-Seminar at KCMC, September 2000 under coordination of Dr  M. Oneko, c/o KCMC, Paediatric Department and Dr M. Nicol, CCBRT, Dar es Salaam.


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